How to Youtube for Free



In order to make a successful, profit generating Youtube video, there are some things you need to think about before you ever start the video. If you say that want to just make a simple one-off video, and have no interest in having a successful channel, skip to the production section. However, if you don’t have interest in having a big channel, you may be going about it the wrong way; what’s the point of making a video if no one is going to see it? And trust me, no one is going to see it unless you either force them to, or you have a big channel.


So how big does your channel need to be? That may vary, it depends mostly on the purpose of the video; if you are using the video as an advertisement, or something to draw attention to your product, service, store, website, or whatever, then you should see your video start to pay off after 100 subscribers or 1000-5000 views (typically what you will need before you make a sale), but if you want to make money from monetizing your videos, some youtubers make $1 for every 25 views, and some make $1 for every 1000 views.

The most crucial thing that you can do for your channel if is to read the Youtube Creator’s Playbook- it’s free online, so give it a read. The most important thing is the first objective in the guide- create a content plan. This means make sure that your videos all pertain to a set of related topics and that the content style is fairly consistent. It is okay if you make videos before you get this worked it, in fact, creating content and seeing what works may help you create a content plan, but it is very important to get this all sorted out before you monetize. The difference between a $1 per 25 views Youtuber and a $1/1000 views Youtuber depends on how well you adjust your AdSense account, and target your content to the interests of your viewers. Remember, a video with 1Billion views that gets no clicks on the ads will make $0.

The next thing to do is to make a schedule of when you release content. is a channel that makes mindless ‘top 10 videos’. They get hundreds of thousands of views on each video, and they make 4-5 videos each day. JelloApocalypse has, as of June 2016, 63 videos. He sometimes goes 8 or 9 months without any uploads, and he gets millions of views. smosh was a successful channel that made videos every day, but found their viewership double when they cut their content in half. It pretty much all comes down to the algorithm. If you don’t create enough, people may unsub, but too much and people won’t see the videos you make and then youtube will actually stop displaying your videos to your subscribers- the videos won’t even be on their homepage, and will be buried in the subscriptions page. Youtube only counts a view if the viewer watches most of the video. If you sit there and keep refreshing the page, your views counter will not go up.


It’s also important that you have the correct tags, description, thumbnail and title for each video. They have to be engaging, intriguing, and descriptive, and of course never misleading.

Getting all of this down is more important that the actual content, as long as the quality of the video is professional. However, it will take a long time to get this all figured out. Youtuber boogie2988 says you will see so much of our life get wasted making videos that no one will ever see, but “If you waste enough time, you may eventually get to do what you want to do.”


If you have the skill, programs, and equipment to make great productions or animated features, you probably already know what to do, if you want to make vlogs or letsplays, there is a way to do that very inexpensively, but still make videos that people will want to see. Youtubers almost all agree that the single most important thing that you need to make sure your video has is great quality audio. Make sure that you don’t have a lot of traffic or put your mic next to a fan. People want to hear only you, clearly. If you want music absolutely add it in post, even if you are dancing to it, make sure it is recorded internally from the same device, otherwise you should remove the audio in post and overlay the music again. The first thing that turns your viewers away is audio.

Next, make sure that your studio is well lit. Use quality bulbs and light your face evenly, as well as the background. Use daytime lights if you have them, film outside, or someplace that already has great lighting. Speaking of background, make sure the area around you is clean and that everything in the shot is relevant, if you can’t control everything, make sure the location is at least appropriate. Perhaps you may want to just use a backdrop or green screen.

One of the least important things that is very important is to make sure that you have a professional camera. If you don’t have money to go out and buy a fancy video camera, you might not have to- if you have a new smartphone, it has a quality camera on it. If your phone is a little old, ask your tech-savvy friend to let you borrow theirs… on second thought, just ask to et you borrow their video camera. What I had to do at first was save videos that I made on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and sand them to myself in 2 minute sections at a time through facebook, then download them from facebook to my desktop in order to edit them.

That brings us to the final stage, editing. Don’t have a production/editing crew? Don’t have Photoshop CC ? Don’t even have a budget? There are some good free software out there to use such as Avidemux or even Free Video Editor , not to mention most of the top editing software sites let you make videos for free- as long as you can make the video in 30 days (before the free trial runs out). If not, see what programs your local library has to rent, or has installed on their public access computers. Don’t forget to edit the audio with Audacity, the video with Windows Movie Maker (if you are using Windows), and edit images with GIMP . Then run the whole thing through Windows Movie Maker again to polish it up. Also try Flixpress for a decent free intro or format.

Even if you can’t figure something out, Youtube itself has some editing tools that you can use such as public domain music and notations that you can add to insert links and supplemental texts, even though notations pretty much only show up if you watch the video by computer, and not by phone, tablet, or smart TV like most people- but all their editing features are free, so who can complain?


Now you should have a great video that hopefully you made for free. Once it makes you boats of money, invest some of it into whatever you need to make your videos even better until they are the best on the internet.



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