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Being an online writer is easy. Getting noticed, on the other hand, presents more of a challenge. Without the proper channels it becomes easy to get lost in the maze of content that the Internet provides. Through this article you will learn where to get published, how to connect with other writers and your readers, and how to get your name out there.

Getting published is, obviously, the first step to building a following as an online author. But finding the right site to publish your work is incredibly important. If you are a student, the first place you should look is online undergraduate journals. A simple Google search will provide you with multiple options. By going through a university journal you are showing possible readers that you are not only published, but you are professional enough to be published by a recognized institution. This is not only a great way to foster a sense of professionalism with your readers, but also an incredible resume builder. If you can’t find an undergraduate journal that fits your topic of interest, consider looking around social media sites to find people with similar interests. By narrowing your Google search to specifically your topic of interest, you may find that you are not the only one writing about it. These can be sites such as blogs, writing communities, or something as simple as Tumblr. If you cannot find any websites for your specific topic, consider using a free publishing site that doesn’t limit work by subject.

Connecting with other writers is also a crucial part of not only gaining an online presence, but creating a network for critiques, professional connections, suggestions, and valuable advice. Finding other writers with your field of interest can often be easy, as you are most likely publishing on a website that has other authors with your topic. If you are looking to branch out from there, consider a search of social networking sites, such as Facebook or Tumblr. These sites are often filled with other online writers looking for a community. Oftentimes the writers on the websites you publish your work with are also your readers. Connecting with both is incredibly important. Feedback from readers can often be harsh, but the criticism can be helpful as it helps you learn what your audience is looking for. And the more readers you gain, the more popular your web persona will become. The image below is an example of how you can use Facebook to connect with your readers.


Getting your name out in cyber space can be difficult, but there are many routes you can take to get noticed. The easiest way is through Facebook. Most people today have a Facebook and check it at least once every few days. It’s simple to post a link to your writing with a short status update about your new work. The same route can be taken via Twitter or Tumblr, if you’re not already publishing there or have multiple accounts. If your work comes with illustrations, consider publishing a shot of one on Instagram, with the link in the description. By maintaining these multiple profiles you’re not only getting your name out there, you’re also giving readers a chance to get updates about your work as soon as you publish something new.

The way you chose to put your writing online matters almost as much as your content. Be careful how you represent yourself as an author and as a person with your online profiles. Cultivating a community of individuals with like-minded goals is incredibly important, and the suggestions made above will help you find those networks and maintain them.


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