Beginning the Road to Internet Notoriety

It seems like anyone can be famous today. It may be because someone has a popular YouTube account with multiple videos going up every week. Or maybe you could be the new social media sensation that becomes a meme shared far and wide. What social media does is give ordinary people, like you and me, the chance to make a name for themselves. People can get their material out there for viewers of all ages to see. Now, granted, some people have not had the easiest of times having their faces spread around the internet like butter on toast. But with that said, it’s still entirely possible for one to be a hit on social media. You could be the life of the party and input jokes on your Facebook page(s) and be funniest man on your friends’ timelines, or you could even be as popular as the likes of Felix Kjellberg, AKA PewDiePie. According to YouTube, he has 48,393,402 subscribers as of 10/10/2016 ( Social media gives people that opportunity. If you want to dedicate your life to being on the web and creating content for people to view, then go for it. It’s your decision, after all. But with that being said, there are a few things you have to count for. There are some dos and don’ts of social media.

The profile picture and number of subscribers of PewDiePie's YouTube channel

First off, social media is an amazing thing. We’re lucky to live in a time where media can be shared around the world by simply clicking your mouse. Movie streaming to one’s laptop, funny pictures being shared on Twitter, emailing potential business associated about… well, business, the possibilities are endless. We’re in the era of being connected 24/7. It is indeed an awesome to be alive.

Secondly, anyone can have anything to say, and it has the potential to make people laugh or care. The content in which you display is all on you. You are in control of what your friends and others see. Now keep in mind with content that you have to remember who your audience is. If it’s something like Facebook where you want to join in on the latest trends, say a Green Bay Packers’ victory for instance, you might say something about how the Packers won. Maybe it was how Aaron Rodgers (the Packers’ quarterback) completely picked the opposing defense apart like a surgeon; he was throwing balls to his receivers with pinpoint accuracy. Or maybe you could say how Ted Thompson (Green Bay’s general manager) picked the right talent in the NFL Draft to gave his team a chance to win.

Another thing you could possibly post about is you being you. This can mean anything, and I do stress, everything. Maybe you have a girlfriend and you want to show the world (or maybe just your friends) that you are now in a relationship. You could post something stupid like a meme that made you laugh, so you want to re-post it or share it so your viewers can laugh like you did. Or it can be topical, like the 2016 presidential debates. You can post just about anything that pops into your head, but not everything is going to hit the mark. First off, if you do in fact post everything that pops into your head and is a non-stop stream of incoherent jargon, then odds are that you’ll confuse your friends or viewers, and they might not be as likely to check in to see what you are doing or have to say. This is also a day and age where we are incredibly judgmental. First impressions mean the world, and if you aren’t appealing to others, then you won’t get their views. It’s unfortunate, but it’s something that’s been around since communication was created. If you don’t seem interesting or intelligent, people probably won’t want to see you again. That could mean that your grammar wasn’t up to snuff. Maybe you weren’t clear enough in your post, like this poor, unfortunate soul at the bottom of the paragraph (AKA me). Just taking a little time out to check over your words can make all the difference (or a few times depending on how long your text is). And it’s not just limited to your posts. Everyone from columnists to fan fiction writers try their hardest to as clear as possible so that their readers can be informed or entertained. The same goes for what you post.

See what bad grammar and formatting can do for you online image?

Can you see what bad grammar and formatting can do for you online image?

Now, the same kind of content day in and day out might not appeal to every person. Constant aggrandizing of the Packers (I know, I’m beating a dead horse with Green Bay, but I happen to like the Packers) might get you a few viewers, but in terms of expanding your horizons, a little more commentary on the subject in question can prove beneficial to how people look at you. Make yourself aware to more than one thing. That’s all I’m saying. Focusing on one thing and one thing only will limit yourself to the kinds of things that you can do. Instead of just talking about the Packers, maybe talk about the teams in their division? Or maybe their conference? The entire National Football League? Football as a whole? Sports as a whole? Are you seeing how expanding your scope can lead to so many other opportunities? The possibilities are never-ending. The style in which the content is presented can also be appealing or unappealing. Saying things in the same manner (like always saying things in a passive voice) may get boring after a while. What you may want to do is change your approach. Maybe you do things out of a certain order, or maybe you switch from an active voice to a passive one.

Before I leave you, I must warn you of some of the troubles of having an audience, no matter the size. I won’t list off all the things that can go wrong with putting yourself out there, but I will tackle some of the bigger ones. For example, people may publicly criticize you for your content. It could be that it’s too similar to everything you’ve already put out, or it may be because the editing was, at best, “questionable.” I hate to the bearer of bad news, but criticism can and will hurt your ego. If you’re putting yourself out there and trying to be the best you that you can be, you may get criticized for it. However, if they do not like your content, you could remind them that they don’t have to tune in. But also note that most people aren’t that petty. Most people may come across as blunt, but they do it with the best of intentions. Maybe they were right about your questionable editing, so now you need to go back and revise. It’ll happen, and it’s up to you as to how you deal with it.

So that’s pretty much my entire spiel. My purpose for this was not to give you a step-by-step instruction manual on how to become an internet icon. What you do and how you do things is your call. A lot of these things you may have already known, but a little reinforcement never hurt anybody. The rest of the rules are something that you’ll figure out as you post and interact with your followers. So get out there! What’re you going to bring to the table?


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