How to Meme


An Internet meme is a concept or idea that spreads “virally” from one person to another via the Internet, as defined by Webopedia.


What makes a Meme viral?

The Success Kid, Harambe and DOGE are just a few of the viral memes that have taken over the internet.   According to an article by the Daily Mail, the author states that researchers designed software that predicts what type of images are most likely to be successful; and why they are successful.  The results concluded that shorter memes  gain more internet fame and those containing profanities are least likely to be shared.

The Success Kid

Success Kid

Success Kid

The success kid meme all began when a mom took a picture of her child eating sand. Before she knew it, she was seeing her son spreading virally throughout social media, there were even t-shirts being created about the meme. The original version of the meme featured the saying “SUCCESS” captioned under the child in the picture. This just goes to show that even successful memes can be random and unplanned. A lot of people today are trying to create memes to become the next internet superstar, however most fail to do that. Why is that?

Understanding the Demographic

Many memes featured on the internet appeal largely to the adolescent and post-adolescent demographic.  This demographic is more open to discovering these memes and understanding the humor that is associated with them. Memes can reach a younger generation, which businesses can use to expand who they want to sell their product to.

The Power of Memes

In today’s society it is important that we understand how powerful the internet is. We can apply our knowledge of the web to act as a strategy to creating a meme that can be accepted and spread among our peers.   Memes aren’t only used in messaging apps, they are also a strong marketing tool for companies. Companies can use pop culture and anything relatable to society to draw them into their business. Memes like the Success Kid became an icon for Virgin Mobile. As a company, memes can either be successful to promote your company or they could fail. It is all about using a meme that is relevant. Using old memes that have died off may not have a strong effect on reaching your target audience as would a meme that is currently trending.


Memes equal money.   Memes have assisted in producing fame and fortune for many people, transforming nobodies to overnight sensations in the blink of an eye.   Memes are a great opportunity; always at work even during your offline hours, always up for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Make it or break it

Memes are a powerful tool of the web.  They act as quick, and clever snippets that use pop culture references to entertain or inform their audience.  An example of this would be the presidential elections.  Memes that capture moments from the debates are spreading over social media due to the fact that the presidential campaigns are a popular topic on social media.  An extremely important fact to keep in mind is that memes don’t live forever.  Once the elections are over, memes about the presidential campaigns will eventually die off into the dark void of the web.  When something new is happening , another fresh meme will take its place.

Things to Remember

  1. Short memes tend to be more successful
  2. Know about your demographic: Who they are? What do they like?
  3. Memes can help businesses reach a larger audience and younger demographic



Meme History

Business Memes


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