Choosing how to post content

Choosing how to post

Reddit is a web page where people of completely different backgrounds can come together via a similar interest and communicate. These “subreddits” allow for users to subscribe and then post and comment about a topic. The posts can be in formats ranging from gifs or YouTube videos, to a tweet or a simple text post. This allows for a lot of variety in posts but it is important to know what to post and how to really engage the audience. Reddit allows you to see the format of the post before you even click on it so making sure it is in an appealing format is key. It depends on the community that you are in however, as different communities tend to have different preferences.

A preview of what the Reddit homepage looks like

Courtesy of Reddit

What does the audience want?

Will a meme draw in people? Maybe a funny gif will get the conversation going? A serious topic will usually get a serious post depending on the subreddits, but there are so many ways to post. Take for example, r/hockey, a subreddit dedicated to all things hockey. Videos of game clips are often posted here where people can talk about how cool it was or what happened. Comedic tweets by a player or something funny that an announcer said may also be found here. There is so much leeway in what can be posted that often times it is hard to know what to post. This variety in ways of posts sometimes makes it a challenge to decide how to post what you want.

Let others’ posts influence you

It may help to look around at what other people post and how they post it. This will give you a good insight into the typical format that can be found in the subreddit. Format your post similarly and it will most likely be accepted. Some people may not want to have to be redirected from the page in order to view content that could just as easily being embedded in the post. You should make your post as easy as possible to view. Don’t forget about content though and just because you find a YouTube video cool, others may not, but don’t be discouraged. Every single post isn’t going to make the front page and get thousands of likes and that’s okay. The way in which you post is very reliant on the page that you post it on, but in the end, content is what matters.

Use all the tools available

Another very beneficial tool that can be used to help decide what to post is the community info sidebar. Here, they will often post rules for the community on the left side of the screen and what posts are accepted and aren’t accepted. This can give a very good understanding of what to post in the subreddit. There are so many different options that can be used to decide exactly what to post and how an audience will view it. Certain subreddits directly state the formats that are allowed in their posts. Some may allow anything while others require videos to be posted via (a file format), and won’t allow for YouTube videos to be posted. You can always find out how to post if you are unsure on turning a YouTube video to another format for example.


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