Online writing for your business

Online Writing For Your Business

Having a social media footprint is important for any small business. With the ever-growing demand for information from the Web, you need to have a strong presence for your business. It is important is that you (the owner) makes that footprint for your customers. The number one promoter of your business should be you. You want to be able to use your own rhetoric on your customers. You are your best advocate, and you know what you can do with your company. Let future customers know! Here are a few steps to help you get your social media accounts set up for your business.

Begin With A Logo

Have a design or slogan to call your own! Once your find something you like, patent it. You want customers to see this on the Web and recognize it as you. Make your logo creative, make it fit your company, and make it memorable.

Build A Company Style Guide

Style of writing for a company site or page must be consistent and formal. This is essential for gaining credibility with your customers. If there are multiple ways to say or spell a word, your page must stick to one of the ways and keep it uniform throughout all of your online pages. For instance, the color gray. Depending on where in the world you live, or how you like to spell it, gray can be spelled g-r-a-y, or g-r-e-y. Depending on your customers and what they are used to, or the reputation of your business, you must decide which gray/grey you would like to use. Having a uniform style to your writing is important to aid in customer understanding.

Create Your Own Cite

Having a site that you control is extremely important for a growing business. Your customers are looking for you on the internet, and you want them to find you. There are a multitude of sites now that make creating your own website easy, some examples are,,, etc. You can customize this site, use your logo, and have a product that will make information about your business easy for customers to find

Create Social Media Account

Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube; whatever it takes to promote your business. Set your business logo/slogan as the profile picture for each. Your customers will recognize your logo and be able to follow up on your business that way.


Post Post Post!

Let your customers know what is going on with your business! Have events and plans, or make some kind of fun tradition that gets the customers involved. A daily trivia about your products, business or a code for deals are an example of this. Find ways to make your customers interact with your business through your posts.

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