Professional Book Reviewer

When you’re looking to buy a new product on Amazon or make any other purchase online you’ll go to the review section to see what others have thought of this item. It is the same with books, there’s a ton of reviews out there by everyday people, like yourself. These book reviews are often from common readers who just want to have their voices heard, however there are a rare few of them that writer for a living, and perhaps even live off the wages they make writing these reviews.


Now, not every book reviewer out there is getting paid for their reviews, some of them do it just for a free copy of the book, and other just enjoy it for the fun of it. But one thing stays the same, they all write their honest opinions of the book. And this is what makes them so valuable to publishers and authors. They know that sites like are helping promote book sales without them having to actively engage in the process. They know that these reviews are what people are reading before purchasing a book, so it stand in their best interest to compensate readers, sometimes before the book is officially published. argues “that the number one way to promote and market a good book is to get it honestly reviewed.”


If you want to become one of these online book reviewers there are a ton of online websites to choose from, or you can do it freelance through Goodread, or Amazon. The content of the review must be completey your own words, and you must be willing to be a bit harsh, while still remaining honest. Often a summary is a good way to start your review, but be sure to never give away spoilers or key plot points. A good review will both summarize and review mixed throughtout the text, you’ll show both what you love about the book, and what you maybe didn’t like. Websites like goodreads take a very informal approach to the book review. Their book reviews are filled with gifs, memes, and other images found online that help to accentuate book reviews and show exact reflections of your thoughts while reading the book.


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