Top 3 Things to Remember when Using Graphics in Articles


Using graphics in an article is a very popular thing writers are doing and it has been proven to help the readers retain the information. Although it is growing in popularity, people still do not know how to properly use graphics in an article. Here are 3 tips to always remember when using graphics in article:

  1. Make sure the graphic being used, pertains to the information in the article 

When putting graphics in an article, the graphic should go with the information in the article otherwise it will distract the readers from what the article is saying. Graphics are the often the first thing a viewer sees and if it does not pertain to the information of the article it will drive the viewer away. When the graphic is compelling the viewer is more likely to stay and read the article. It is important to use the graphics to make the article better, not to have viewers click away.


For example, this article about cats has a graphic of a cat. It would not make sense if this article had a graphic of a dog or any other animal and would create a confusion for the viewer. The graphics in an article help the viewer retain the content just as much as the text.

  1. Do not use too many graphics in one article 

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, in that case you do not want 10,000 words in one article. Having too many graphics in the article will be distracting and overwhelming to the reader. Distracting the reader takes the attention away from the content that the writer wrote and takes away the hard work that went into creating the article. It also is very overwhelming and could cause the viewer to click away from the article before they even start reading the text. Less is more when it comes to graphics. Pick the graphics that will draw the attention of viewers and help build the credibility of the article.


Having too many graphics in an article is like the photo above. The viewer does not know which one to look at, the different colors are pulling the viewer multiple directions, and in the end does more harm than good.

  1. Place the graphic in an appropriate place 

Since graphics are the one of the first things viewers see, it is important to place graphics in an article in a spot that will enhance the article. A graphic should not be placed in the middle of a sentence or in the middle of a paragraph because it simply does not make sense for that to occur. A good place to place graphic is in-between paragraphs to break up the writing and make it easier on the readers. Viewers do not like to see a lot of text so by using graphics to break up paragraphs will give the viewer a break and also will make the article look more appealing.


Buzzfeed writes a lot of articles that are in list form and place photo after each list item. This gives the viewer a visual and also breaks up the list and allows the viewer to skim.

There you have it!

These three tips will help you build a better article by using graphics correctly to enhance your article rather than hurting your article.There are many different sources that can add follow up information on this subject.  If you want to learn more about placing graphics in an article check out the sources below!


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