Writing for Tumblr and Facebook

Readers tend to visit social media sites frequently. They see it as place to get information while having fun. Because of this, digital writers should advertise and post on social media. Their readers are more likely to see it there than if they only posted it on their own websites. Writers can include links to their posts on other platforms, but readers are going to read their information more willingly if it shows up on their dashboard. There are all sorts of social media websites out there: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr are just a few of these platforms. The two that provide you with the most variety when posting are Facebook and Tumblr. These platforms allow you to post in a variety of ways without limiting your character count.As Uedmy says, this allows your readers to learn more about you. Digital writers should understand the best ways to relate to and inform their readers. Among the many types of posts on both Facebook and Tumblr, each platform’s users tend to stick to three post styles more than any others. Knowing how to use these posting styles allows writers to fit in on social media while getting their information out there.

Most Common Posting Styles and Their Importance to Writers

  1. Image
  2. Short Text
  3. Long Text


On both websites, image posts are the most common. These posts are more frequently memes on Facebook and gifs on Tumblr.


Memes go around Facebook like wildfire. For example, the Harambe meme has recently been introduced. Memes can be used to spread information or awareness. In the case of the Harambe meme, the meme has been used to spread awareness of Harambe’s killing. Additionally, according to Caleb Tan on Kulture, memes allow people to see that there are universal experiences and feelings in spite of cultural differences. The Harambe meme shows that there is a universal belief that killing, and hunting in certain circumstances, is wrong. Memes are an important tool for digital writers to utilize, because they rely on image recognition. This allows writers to use recognizable memes to illustrate their points. If writers begin to create their own memes, it spreads awareness of their websites and themselves among internet users, which could open the door for new readers to discover their websites.

Although Tumblr sees a lot of memes, Tumblr users rely more heavily on gifs. These are used as reaction images or to get a point across. Gifs on Tumblr heavily rely on image recognition just like memes do. These images could be from television shows, movies or commercials and are most often funny clips from each. Recently, people have been able to make their own gifs. This is especially helpful for writers, because they can show themselves working, their process, or their experiences. This allows their readers to see more about the writer’s professional lives and relate to them better. For more information, see Rebecca’s post on gifs and their importance.

Short Text

Facebook and Tumblr users use short text posts less than images but more than any other post formats. This allows them to get short messages across without losing their readers’ attention. Tumblr causes the sitescreen-shot-2016-10-07-at-3-35-06-pms to differ because of the fact that they have their own way of showing inflection. The text starts off in all lower case but then becomes all gaps in the end to show their enthusiasm. Writers should know how to use this particular subset of tumblr culture, because it allows the writer to relate better to the reader. It also allows the reader to see them more as a part of tumblr and less as someone who is just posting on tumblr to expand their readership.

Long Text

The third most common posts are long text posts. Facebook posts that are long typicallyscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-3-08-30-pm include rants. However, some include information for businesses like sales dates or concert dates. These are the kinds of posts digital writers would need to use to get information most effectively across. This allows writers to say what they want without worrying about character limits or having to include a picture that might distract the reader. However, writers should be aware that they may lose their audience’s attention if they are not concise. Because of this, it is important to think through every word and consider how necessary they are to understanding what is being said.

Like Facebook, Tumblr uses long text posts frequently. The most important difference is that long Tumblr posts are considered on the website to be more worthwhile to read, because the content of a long post is more likely to be deeper. This causes readers to give writers the benefit of the doubt. Readers are more likely to read longer paragraphs and posts on Tumblr because of the belief that they may end up being deep. However, it is still a good idea to be concise. If a writers’ audience becomes bored or does not expect the post to have some important meaning, they may not be willing to sit there and read the entire post.

The Biggest Difference

The most important thing to remember when trying to figure out which platform to post on is that Facebook recycles posts from Tumblr. Because there is a lot of crossover, Tumblr users will bring their posts over to Facebook. This allows them to get the information out on both platforms. These crossover posts can be entertaining or informative. Something to think about the next time you post is how can I make this more important to my readers. Writers could do this by including relatable examples if they are trying to demonstrate something, or they could include images as well as text to draw the readers’ attention.


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