Top 5 Less Known Features of D2L

Desire to Learn (D2L) is an important application to most people in college, or even some students in high school. Most people know the basics about Desire to Learn. They know what they use to submit documents and how to go see their grades. But what about the other aspects of D2L that can help with schoolwork? This article will go more in-depth with images and details about five more unknown features of D2L.


For  Locker, ePortfolio, and Calendar, you have to go under Tools on the homepage of your personal D2L.


To get to each feature you will need to click on Tools and then choose which specific feature you want. You will just need to click on the feature to go to the page made for it.

1) Locker

The locker feature is basically a Cloud Drive. You can store documents in it to work on later from any device with Internet access. This is connected to the homepage of your D2L so it is easy to access. It is just under Tools on D2L and then you will just need to click on it.
Uploading to it is also extremely easy. It is very similar to uploading to a Dropbox. You just need to click upload files and choose which file or files you wish to upload. Also, you can create a folder. In this folder you can add specific files or just write in your own information.


This is what the top of My Locker looks like for the UWW version of D2L for students.


2) ePortfolio

This is something to use for a big project or to help keep track of your career. The good thing about the ePortfolio is that you can upload it to the Dropbox just like a regular document. You just need to select ePortfolio instead of computer.

ePortfolios can be used for anything. They can be used to store information or documents, to create a big project, or to help with a research paper.  It can be very useful at the end of the year to help with final projects for classes. There are so many uses for the ePortfolio feature that is just depends on what you may need it for.


This is what the ePortfolio homepage looks like. It is easy to read and will be easy to navigate once you explore it more.

Press play for the video about ePortfolios created by D2L:


3) Calendar

The calendar is important if your professor tends to post a lot of due dates. It will help show the exact time of due dates and sometime even quizzes or exams. You can also add your own information into it as well.

The calendar is a good thing to use just in case you forget to write an important date down in your planner or fear you are forgetting an important assignment. Most people already use the Dropbox for this, but just in case an extension was given or the due date was changed the calendar is important.

For the final 2 features discussed in this article, you will need to more from the Tools section on your homepage to an actual class page.


You will need to choose a specific class to go. At the top of the page will look like the above picture. You will need to click More Tools to get to the last 2 features I will talk about.


Under More Tools will be a list, the rest of this article will be focusing on Chat and Classlist.

4) Chat

The chat feature will help if you have a question or concern. It will connect you to the other people in your class including the professor. It is something useful if you ever have a general question and want to ask the whole class or in case you are not that close to anyone in the class. It can make things easier than targeting a single student if you don’t hang out with anyone in particular.


Class list will vary for each class. Some classes will have a list already made or else you can make your own Chat List.

5) ClassList

A class listing is provided with each class. It will include the name, school email, and may even include a picture. This is a good resource in case you do not know the email of a specific person or in case you lost the email to your professor. All of the email addresses will be provided and you can even email the person directly from your D2L. Just be careful because sometimes the email does not always go through, but then regular emails can get lost in the Internet as well.


The Classlist will vary according who is in each class. It will provide a name, sometimes a picture, and the school email for each person. You can also search for a specific person.


From the five different features of D2L, I hope there was something that you learned to help you in college. Use these resources and the other resources offered on D2L to help make life easier while doing your schoolwork. Do not forget that there are a number of other different features on D2L. Try to play with your account to learn something and then spread the word of what you learned. Life gets easier when technology is easy to understand.

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