Tips to Market Yourself On Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting people. Chances are, you already use it in your personal life. Why not do what thousands of freelancers are doing, and start taking advantage of it professionally?

Creative professionals can advertise and network more easily as a result of social media; writers gain visibility and increase their chances of connecting directly to their potential client base.

The overall goal when using social media professionally is increased brand awareness, resulting in more website traffic, a larger following, and ultimately more business. For creative professionals, the brand you promote is yourself and your work, and you honestly cannot promote it enough.

The first decision you need to make is about the platform you’ll use. There are quite a few popular social networks, and they all target different populations, engage audiences in different ways, and serve different purposes. Your audience, needs, and marketing strategy will all help determine the best social media platform for you.

The platforms best suited for professional and promotional use are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but they all have different audiences, ranging in age and demographic. Most also include community features that allow you to network and forge connections with other professionals and clients.

Ideally, your social media presence would link back to your portfolio, blog posts, personal profile, and credentials. In turn, your website and portfolio would have clear, easy options to share on social media and communicate between you and your audience. You would also advertise yourself through other strategies as well as social media in order to maximize visibility.

The important thing about social media is the social aspect. To develop a significant following, you need to consistently and frequently post news and updates. Your content has to be of good quality, and it has to be interesting to your audience.

You also need to engage with the audience and make an effort to respond to comments and messages, because the whole point of advertising yourself on social media is to boost your following and increase your accessibility. It would also be a good idea connect with and “follow” the people you network with to help forge stronger professional connections.

It (almost) goes without saying that every post should be polished and professional, and it should convey a tone and personal style consistent with your work and your personal brand. Your profile—like your portfolio, your website, and all the work you’re advertising—must be visually attractive and user-friendly in order to be effective.

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