Writing and Referencing Ethically

By: Monica Hart
Being an online writer has its own specific set of challenges. One of those challenges is making sure you’re using others work safely, and your work is being used ethically. Look below for quick tips on how to overcome some common challenges and make sure your writing is staying yours.

Reference Ethically

Cite your sources! When it comes down to it, that’s the just of using others material ethically, safely, and legally. Here are a few ways to cite different sorts of media.


Cite the photographer in print under the photo. If you can’t find the original photo taker, a link to the website you retrieved it from will suffice. The following image is an excellent example!

Online Writing Cartoon


Cite the creator or the channel that the video comes from.


Place quotation marks around the quote and cite the author either in the sentence or by a dash with their name after the quote.


Put the website that the gif was from in small print under it.

Block Text

Cite the author before or after the quote.

Mark Your Own Work

When you publish something on the web it becomes easily accessible to everyone else online. To make sure you get credit for your work, here are a few ways to mark different types of media.


Make a signature on your photos or watermark it with your logo.


Put your name in the title of the video


Make sure your name is easy to find in a Google search


Put a signature on the gif.

Block text

Make sure your name is easy to find in a Google search.


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