How To Recover Deleted Images From Facebook


Scrolling through your early Facebook days can be exhausting. You shudder when you recall your early days on social media, and how you may have unknowingly misused it. How could I have posted that? What would my grandma think of me for this? You delete it and take a deep breath. It will not be present on your immediate feed, but unfortunately for you, that image or post will never fully go away. Once it is published on the internet, there are ways to get it back whether it was deleted or not. Maybe someday you’re scrolling through with friends, and you want to find some of those early pictures again for fun. If you’re curious as to how to find your deleted pictures, here is one easy approach to recovering photos deleted from the internet.

Step 1:Figure out what search engine to use

The easiest recovery form is located on Mozilla Firefox. You can begin in Firefox by typing about:cache in a new tab. From there you will want to scroll down until you locate the “List Cache Entries” button. This will open up all the files you have ever opened in that browser. There will be a lot of them, but no worries, there are ways to filter through and find your pictures.unknown

Step 2:Find the URLs that contain “jpg”

The pictures you are looking for will be saved as a jpg. There is a small search button with chrome that will allow you to search for jpg only. On your keyboard, press Control & “F”, then search for “_n.jpg”.

Step 3:Find your Facebook pictures

The url will read at the beginning, and that will be your identifier that this is a Facebook photo. You will have to copy and paste the entire URL into a new tab to pull up which picture is which. If you don’t get the entire URL and error will appear and you will have to try again.

Step 4:Weed through your pictures to find the deleted image

Once you open the URL you find you can see the picture you want to find. Finding it may be difficult at first, but if you scroll through and find them at similar times as other pictures, you will find your deleted picture.

And there you have it, you have recovered what was once “deleted” off Facebook!

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image courtesy of

image courtesy  of Mozilla Firefox


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