3 Ways Social Media Has Changed Our Everyday Lives

People’s everyday lives have changed immensely since the emergence of social media. Before, people would go about their day without consulting the internet. Now, when we have questions, we go straight to Google or Bing to get an answer. It is important to know and understand that web content is becoming more popular. People go to the web for many things they didn’t used to. Knowing the importance of how social media is used is useful for anyone beginning to establish their presence on the web. I will go over 3 of the many ways that our everyday lives have been, in a way, transformed since the emergence of social media.

3 Life Changes

The way we get our news

People used to read the to get the latest on what was happening in the world. Now, with digital media, you can pull out your phone or laptop and search for the specifics of what you are looking for. Instead of looking through a paper that gets refreshed only every day, you can go to any news website. Many times, though, we here the latest news through what our friends post on Facebook or on any other social media. Most of what your friends are sharing is what is most relevant to you. “After all,” Soren Gordhamer of Mashable.com says, “you didn’t choose the editors at newspapers and other publications, but you did choose the people and groups that you follow on Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks.”

How we converse with and meet friends and family

Through the Internet, you are able to reach out to people you know, like family and friends. As stated on The World Economic Forum, because of the span of the digital world, you can “maintain friendships across time and distance.” That close friend that moved all the way across the country can now be easily reached with social media so you never have to lose touch. You can easily see what they are doing in their day to day lives through Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter. You can also use text messengers or a form of video-chatting, like Skype or FaceTime, to stay in touch. Digital media also helps you branch out and meet others, because it makes you feel like you have a voice. By posting something on a blog that others are interested in too, you are likely to form a sort of relationship with them. You can then create a community and a bond with others that share interests.

How we do business

Now that using the web has become a common, if not expected skill, business can be done online by many. Instead of traveling to an office to do computer work, many have the option to work from home. Not only that, but the Internet has made it easier to start a business. “Social media gives people who have time, but little money for advertising, the chance to engage with others and promote their business,” says Gordhamer. For many, the option to use Facebook and Twitter to advertise their businesses has given an opportunity to broaden their company, for a low cost. Social media has also given new possibilities for customers and clients, because “business in the past was generally conducted with those in one’s immediate environment” (Gordhamer). Through social media, companies and target customers can be easily reached.


The emergence of social media has made many aspects of our everyday lives easy and quick to manage. From keeping up to date on what we are most interested in, to keeping in touch with friends near and far, to starting or finding a business, social media has shed a new light on how we do things. It is important to know and think about how these new ways of doing things effect our lives on the web.


Soren Gordhamer at Mashable.com
The World Economic Forum


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