Freelance Blogging

Anyone with a computer and something to say can write a blog on the web. They can get lots of followers and have their blog read by tons of people. But if you want to go beyond just having your voice heard and get paid for blogging it almost seems too good to be true right? Wrong! Called freelance blogging, there is a way to get some serious cash for your online thoughts. Now it is not as easy as it seems at first and often you are not able to write whatever you want all the time. Sometimes it means some serious research and possibly even writing a blog about a topic you may not agree with. However, at the end of the day, your voice and name will be getting out there and you can make an honest living putting your writing skills to good use.

There are three different ways of landing freelance blogging gigs. One involves writing content and then submitting your post to various websites online to see if it’s something they want to publish, much like submitting stories to literary magazines.

Another is looking at online freelance job boards that ask for a single article on a topic. This method can be very competitive as multiple people are going to be writing posts for the same topic and the employer will pick their favorite. Just a few examples are:

The third is to be hired by an online blog agency like The Odyssey ( or Buzzfeed ( These websites are running blogs with tons of different topics and essays from a bunch of different writers. This method can often result in the most profits; however, it also includes the most work. Often you are required to submit new post every week and by a strict deadline. If you are just doing freelancing on the side of another full time job this can become more taxing than it is rewarding. Sometimes missing your deadline by even a minute can cost you the profits from that week.

Now that you know where to earn money there’s also the how. Anyone can write, but there is more to it than that to be a successful freelance blogger. Rule number one is to be fast. You want to pump out as many, high quality articles as possible to earn maximum potential. If it takes you a week to write a 500 word blog than perhaps freelance blogging isn’t for you. But if you can create unique, interesting content in a short time frame you can write multiple articles for multiple websites every day.

Rule number two is write, write, and write some more. Even if your articles are only being seen by your eyes to key to success is to perfect your writing style and voice. Blog about everyday occurrences, blog about events you feel strongly about. You never know when someone might ask you for a post on a topic you have already written about. This will also help build your portfolio for potential employers to view. No one wants to hire a blogger with zero experience. So start your own WordPress website and write about everything and anything.

These are just a few tips on how you can make some serious cash right from your couch writing about things you already like to write about. So get out there and find your niche blogging and start earning money.


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