Staying Organized with Trello

Trello is a life-changing organization app for anyone who likes a visual list of anything they would like to complete. It’s very popular among writers, bloggers, and creative teams with lots of ideas floating around. At its core, it’s an organization tool based on the ever popular KanBan System where one can sort tasks in … Continue reading Staying Organized with Trello


Top 5 Less Known Features of D2L

Desire to Learn (D2L) is an important application to most people in college, or even some students in high school. Most people know the basics about Desire to Learn. They know what they use to submit documents and how to go see their grades. But what about the other aspects of D2L that can help … Continue reading Top 5 Less Known Features of D2L

The Intersection Of Art and Technology

Technology is fast-moving, persistent, and transformative and it’s showing no signs of stopping or slowing down with its array of possibilities and cultural contributions. Technology has opened up new doors to the process of creating, changed the way that artists and galleries market their art, as well as created barriers to attendance. When it comes … Continue reading The Intersection Of Art and Technology