Criticism: What Is It Good For?

Making content for the internet can be simple if you’re on the web the for sake of connecting with your friends after school (or work) hours. It’s also the best way to get your brand out there and have it potentially reach millions of people. With that, people from all over the planet can see what kind … Continue reading Criticism: What Is It Good For?


Digital Writing for the Elderly

by Courtney Zawistowski When we think of digital media, things like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube might come to mind. And these websites, while very popular and useful, often pander to younger generations who grew up in the digital age and are more tech savvy. However, there are plenty of other online users who don’t fit … Continue reading Digital Writing for the Elderly

Web Writing Vs. Traditional Writing Tips

Web-based writing is an evolving media online, meaning that it has experienced many changes over the years, especially when you compare it to traditional writing. This is why web writing and editing have so many differences from traditional writing and editing. It is important to acknowledge these differences and evolve alongside digital writing. Here are … Continue reading Web Writing Vs. Traditional Writing Tips